…Raphere emerged from the tangle of branches and abruptly stopped at the edge of a clearing. Large stones bordered the circular enclosure, each one dull, sapped of color by time’s passing. Light like pale moonlight glowed, illuminating oak, maple and pine.

Air whistled down her throat as she tried to catch her breath. Finally, she whispered, “What is this place?”

“This is Continue,” they answered…

–an excerpt from Book One of the Teller of Destiny, “From Continue.”


I am one of those lucky writers who get inspired during sleep. My first encounter with Continue (then called just plain old “sanctuary”) was in the dreaming state. A childhood of defying my parents’ warnings about frolicking in immense fields and under swaying mighty trees fueled my imagination–and soothed me much later as I slept in a college dorm room a little wider than my shabby cot.

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***art design, compositing, and paint-overs done by A. H. De Carrasco. Personal stock images used.