His silhouette sharpened against the swamp’s gray fog. The stranger was tall with broad shoulders. The bloody tip of his sword rested to the right of his boot. Her regard traveled upward past the sinister, rolling motion of his long cape to his tri-horned helmet which obscured his face. She fairly believed she saw two pinpoints of redness glowing within it.

Instinctively, she knew him before she recalled the voices’ terrifying vision. A Dark Lord of the Great Wars. With this knowledge all her courage fled. Her damaged throat summoned one last effort. She strangled out a scream.

–an excerpt from Book One of the Teller of Destiny, “From Continue.”

ToD_Book_One_Soldier_LRGSunder Veil is a treacherous swampland that separates the High Plain from the Lowland kingdoms. White wanderers claim the fog was created by the Dark Lords to obscure the twin kingdoms’ views of Center Point, the homeland of white sorcerers and dark witches…long ago, when all were grey.

In actuality, when Center Point’s glorious lake began to dry, the resulting precipitation settled to the east as rain and fog.

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***art design, compositing, and paint-overs done by A. H. De Carrasco. Purchased stock images and personal stock images used.