“From Continue” Trivia

1. What is the name of Verisa’s bonfire ritual?  A.The Telling of Mutant Rebellion  B. The Telling By the Fire  C. The Second Divine Poem of the Jivan Tome

2. What rare objects does Hopf procure for the dark witch? A. A mirror and a crystal ball  B. A mirror and a talisman  C. A talisman and Bard’s Bouquet for her potion

3. What do the voices call the ancient battles between white wanderers and Dark Lords?  A. The Mutant Rebellion  B. The Changing   C. The Great Wars

4. Who pursues Raphere all the way into the sacred circle called Continue?  A. The Dark Lord Tedric   B. The Dark Lord Nerve   C. The Dark Lord Bak Turj

5. What is the name of the ancient oak that watches over Continue?  A. Kaey  B. Mune  C. Trick question–it doesn’t have a name

6. What is the mercenary’s real name?  A. Rant Pae  B. Blake Fax  C. Papin Rantir

7. How does Raphere find the fallen soldier?  A. A bird’s chirping leads her to him  B. The sound of bells lead her to him  C. Bak Turj chases her to the man