The Teller knows…

The Teller of Destiny® Series


A land once ruled by Graegan souls has flourished upon the ashes of their kingdoms. By the white wanderers’ guiding hands and the Dark Lords’ bitter defeat, mortal-minded men have built Orfatum to new greatness, but the Great All’s magic still simmers under its soil. 


The sanctuary protecting the Teller of Destiny was once a place for celebration. Dormant under the rot of weathered Pikestan trees, Continue remains almost forgotten, waiting for the one who can reawaken its magic and seize its knowledge.  


At Verisa’s Pikestan refuge for thieves, cutthroats, and traitors, the mercenary Rant Pae has a debt to collect and one to settle. Unfortunately, life isn’t going Rant’s way of late–not when his plans hinge on the hospitality of mercurial witches like Verisa and the common sense of impulsive young maidens like her daughter, Raphere. 

Being a Dark Lord’s daughter, Raphere refuses to be shamed by the judgmental stare of a mercenary like Rant Pae. After all, Verisa says the mortal-minded are a plague. But Raphere has spent her life trying to prove she is not like her mother–that she is greater than the darkness that surrounds her. In her heart, she knows her destiny, foretold within a bonfire’s flames that revealed the funeral pyre of a dead king. That night, she vowed to save him. 

To embark on such a quest, Raphere will need trustworthy allies, which she’s unlikely to find in a camp of criminals. 

Two mortals hang in the balance. One covets the crown. The other left his family after a tragedy for which he is blamed. Both men are irresistibly drawn to the white wanderer’s gifted apprentice, Raphere, whose fierce heart imprisons them as they lay claim to her. Whether incited by love or power, the princes may find their reward at the sharp end of a sword.  

Paz Etur 

Ever since spilling her blood before the Teller of Destiny, Raphere has spent her life trying to prove she is not like Verisa, a dark sorceress. And though she yearns to be, she is not a white wanderer either. She is the Jivasivar, the first new Graegan soul born into the land since the sin that created mortal man and the Changing.  

Searching for her purpose, Raphere trusts in a white wanderer, Tranquia, and hopes to attain the Jivan Tome–the “Divine Poems” which foretold Raphere’s emergence centuries ago. She must discern friend from foe as all strive to manipulate her for their own designs. Either she has the conviction to be the Jivasivar, or she is merely a pawn in a fight for survival between ancients and kings. With the Jivan Tome out of reach and her destiny as clouded as her Graegan blood, Raphere may bend to the manipulations of others and take a path toward the destruction of all.  

Events in Paz Etur have taken an ugly turn. Whispers of conspiracy and censure echo within the city, and deadly plots are hatched behind court ladies’ fans and shimmering palace walls. Recovering from a near-mortal wound, Raphere can do little to shield those she has sworn to protect.  


As Head Scout Otti embarks upon a journey west to unravel Raphere’s past, Rant finds his own challenges waiting in Paz Ori. The dark deals he made as a mercenary cannot be dismissed, and Dark Lords are not known for patience. Even Tranquia is beginning to have misgivings about recent changes within the palace. The secretive nature of her student only adds weight to her worries–fears that seem to heighten with the fading of the wanderer’s own spirit.  

While strange plagues spread over the plains and wolves prowl forever closer to the kingdoms, Raphere must find the strength to calm the ill winds churning from all directions, but injuries of the heart and mind have played their own wicked warfare on her soul. Trapped inside the dark recesses of her spiritual isolation, she may find an ally in the cruelest of princes. 

Atur Towers 

Scout Otti tires of playing messenger boy while Head Scout Teo takes on missions that should be left to a man half his age. But when the dying Lady Glanisa entrusts Otti to deliver the most precious of cargoes to her sister, Queen Tera, Otti finds himself embarking on a dangerous mission that sets him against Lady Glanisa’s husband, the unsavory Lord of Atur Towers.  
With the vengeful Lord Pefin’s men pursuing him, Otti must trust in his companions–not brave soldiers, but a wet nurse and a stable hand whose simple nature hides a bitter past. Together they carry Otti’s precious burden north through deceptively pastoral fields and byways, for even in the most peaceful of settings, greed and opportunity can kill the innocent without remorse.  


In this historic tale of Orfatum, Otti and his companions’ bravery and strength are tested, and their sacrifices change the fates of the Lowland kingdoms.  

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A. H. De Carrasco is the creator of the Teller of Destiny® series.

Sometimes, when she’s not writing or cat-ering to her fussy fur baby, Ann posts updates on Facebook, X, and Instagram (@AHDeCarrasco).