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A new gallery page that features the many book covers for the Teller of Destiny® is up and accessible through the menu. Enjoy.

Teller’s Tear to be released Spring 2020

Book four of the Teller of Destiny® series, Teller’s Tear, is scheduled for a spring 2020 release. Now is the perfect time to catch up on the series. At this time From Continue and Princes and Fools are free at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and Nook, but that won’t last forever.

Teller’s Tear will go on pre-order early 2020. Check back to find out more, like opportunities for advanced reads, cover reveal, and giveaways.

Also, reviews are always appreciated as we move forward to Teller’s Tears release. We are super excited over how this story is moving forward with more court intrigue, formidable obstacles, and precarious situations for our main characters. Do we really know who is on Raphere’s side? We thought we did but “Guess again” has come up with every new twist!

First Books on Kindle Unlimited

The First Two Books of the Teller of Destiny® Series, From Continue and Princes and Fools, are available through Kindle Unlimited. These are new editions, which include extra chapters, new characters, and  more history. Enter the world of Orfatum.


New Look. New Content.


The  new editions of the Teller of Destiny® Series have been released. Classic Gragean and Black & White Gragean Editions appeared on Amazon this week with new chapters, new characters, and more history.  Also the third book, Peasant Princess, is out and an historical novella, Otti’s Precious Burden, was released at the same time. All are currently available as paperback books or as e-books through Amazon.

Book Two, Ready to Release

It’s almost time for Raphere’s story to progress…

Living within the palace presents new intrigue and danger for the Jivasivar. Loyalties are tested and traded. Every step can mark a course true to her path or a sudden deviation which must be atoned for…

Hearts will mend, others will break. Nothing is without some consequence.


Be sure to check out the latest giveaway (FREEBIES!), celebrating Princes and Fools!


Transition is almost done

Sneak peek artwork. Part of the trivia section of our website.

–We’ve transitioned over from the old website design to this one.

–We’ve updated the Trivia section with seven new questions.

–Find more interactive links in the future and trailers, with scene excerpts read by the author of The Teller of Destiny™ Series, A. H. De Carrasco. This and more in the future.

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